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$150 session fee

$200 minimum print order

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I have a newborn can I bring them?

I have more than one child can I bring all of them?

I'm worried that my kids won't cooperate and I won't get any good images?


what kind of clothes do you have for girls?

what are your print prices?

what is your cancellation policy?

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Yes!  If your baby is 5 to 6 months old and is almost sitting up, we can still do your shoot.  

No, in the short amount of time, we are unable to get the amount of shots needed.   We would be happy to do a full shoot for you.  Contact us for all the details.

Yes!  We will divide the time among and will be sure to get a great shot of them together. 

This rarely happens.  If we don't get 15 awesome images to show you, we will refund your session fee. So you have nothing to worry about!

We recommend simple shirts with no collar, jeans or khakis.  If your baby is under one we recommend a sweater onesie.  If you have any questions about clothing we are happy to help. 

We have fancy dresses.  We always recommend bringing a back-up in case you do not like our clothing. 

We specialize in heirloom wall portraits and leather books. Prints start at $100 for a 5x7.  Famed Wall Portraits start at $3000. Many choose our monthly payment plans to make it easier to get what they want. There is a $200 minimum order required.

Due to the limited nature of our schedule there are no refunds on photo shoots. 

"I finally decided to book with who I heard was the very best, she did not disappoint.  The amount of pressure Heather and her team relieved from me is something I can't put a price on."

-lauren downey 

$150 Session Fee

child Mini photoshot

$200 Minimum Print Order

(due at order appointment after photoshoot)

includes wardrobe options for girls 
20 images to choose from 
siblings included
(no extra fee)
one outfit

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"Heather and her team can work miracles with less than cooperative children."

-amy blankenship

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Find the best time for you and your baby.  
We will be shooting in our Studio in Huntsville, AL.

Enjoy a fun photoshoot in which we will entertain and show off your baby's personality.

We show you what your images look like in your favorite products and assist you with picking out the best images a few minutes after your photoshoot.

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"Kids are kids. They don't always want to smile. They don't always want to follow directions. Sometimes they walk to the beat of heir own drum. I used to walk away from every photo shoot convinced we got nothing, because kids are kids. Along came Bookout Studios. Her team recognizes that kids NEED to be kids, they embrace it and Heather's work reflects the family's personality while being these incredibly beautiful pieces I will cherish always. Thank you, Heather and team, for always impressing me with your patience and talent. Your work warms the walls of my home."

-joy reed

When it comes to taking pictures, most people feel overwhelmed. Bookout Studios expertly guides you through the whole process. We worry about the details and you get to sit back and really enjoy your pictures.

what makes bookout studios so different?

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what makes bookout studios so different?

Your photographer is Heather Bookout.  She has trained hundreds of photographers from all across the Untied States.  Her work has been featured in an Better Photography - an international photography magazine.  She has been in business for 15 years and as a mother herself she knows how important it is to get amazing portraits of your children.   

Heather is down-to-earth and encouraging and people love being around her uplifting spirit.  She and her team create the perfect atmosphere for the best possible images of you and your children.  If she needs to be a little silly or soft & soothing she is dedicated in bringing out the best in your children.

This whole experience is amazing and you will feel so good when you see your beautiful images hanging in your home. 

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When it comes to taking pictures, most people feel overwhelmed. Bookout Studios expertly guides you through the whole process. We worry about the details and you get to sit back and really enjoy your pictures.

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"Heather is a gifted artist and photographer. Our last "stress free" session was exactly - I mean exactly- that. I was stunned by the results. Having my photo made has always made me a little nervous but she put us all at ease. Even with three little boys it was a relaxed session."

-Louise carter

what is my investment?

How long have you been wanting to get amazing pictures made? How many times have you wondered how to go about it all? How many times have you wished there was a fairy godmother that could just take care of everything? We can be your very own fairy godmother and you will get the beautiful pictures you have been wanting for years.

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session fee $150

*due at time of booking

$200 Minimum order
Due at your photoshoot when you view your images

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