"One of the most talented photographers I have ever known." - Bradford Rowley

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"Heather and Lyndsi were so great to work with! I had to have all of my photos because I couldn't pick just one! Bookout Studios is the best!! Thanks so much for making me feel beautiful! - Christy."


What should I wear?

I am super awkward in front of the camera, I never like the way I look, will i like these pictures?

How much photoshopping can you do? 

What if I want more than one file?

Do you provide hair or make-up?

Where does the photoshoot take place?

what is your cancellation policy?

Can you wear more than one outfit?

WHat background will it be?

you don't have any times available when I am not at work? Do you ever do these on the weekends?

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We recommend darker colors and form-fitting attire for women.  A suit is always a win for men.  What feel do you want to portray to potential clients?  Make sure your attire matches the feeling you want to portray.  

This feeling is so normal!  Rest assured you will be directed in the most flattering positions and you will look amazing in your images!

You will be shown 10 images.  You are required to purchase one file for $200. You can purchase as many as you want.

We can make all body parts bigger or smaller.  We can fill in hair.  Smooth out fine lines, wrinkles and any problem areas.  These are our standard edits.  We will try to accommodate any other requests.

We do NOT provide hair or make-up for headshots.  But you can add hair and make-up for $100.

Our appointment times are only during the week and only during the day.  Our clients treat this like any other professional appointment like a dentist, attorney, etc and book accordingly.

We have a private studio location in Huntsville, AL.  We are located in Main Street South off of South Memorial Parkway.  

Due to the limited nature of our schedule, refunds are not available.

Yes, if you purchase another $50 photoshoot then you can do another outfit.  You will be shown 10 images from each outfit and will be required to buy at least 2 files.   

The background is tailored to the look you are going for.

what kind of poses should I expect?

We will photograph you in a variety of positions so you will have close-ups to full body shots to everything in between.  Feel free to bring any example poses that you really like and we can recreate that pose for you.

When it comes to taking pictures, most people feel overwhelmed. Bookout Studios expertly guides you through the whole process. We worry about the details and you get to sit back and really enjoy your pictures.

what makes bookout studios so different?

Top notch from beginning to end!! Would highly recommend to all my friends - Stephanie

"I haven't felt so good about myself EVER!!!! These two ladies are the sweetest and they made me laugh and smile through it all. I wasn't uncomfortable or anything. I can't wait to book again." - Jessa

Our promises

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You will LOVE the way you look in our pictures or we will give you a full refund. 

You will feel confident and uplifted throughout the entire process.

We will never post your images on the internet without your written consent.