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"I finally decided to book with who I hear was the very best, she did not disappoint.  The amount of pressure Heather and her team relieved from me is something I can't put a price on."

-lauren downey 

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Once you book your time, we will send a few questions about your relationship, so you get the pictures you love!  

Sit back and relax as we get you ready in hair and make-up and then enjoy a fun, directed photoshoot.

Directly after your photoshoot you will get to see your images and make your selections.

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"Heather and her team can work miracles with less than cooperative children."

-amy blankenship


What should we wear?

I am super awkward in front of the camera, I never like the way I look, will i like these pictures?

How much photoshopping can you do? 


My husband doesn't like to get his pictures taken, will this work?

I know you have clothing options for women, how can I have access to your closet?

Where does the photoshoot take place?

what is your cancellation policy?

you don't have any times available when I am not at work? Do you ever do these on the weekends?

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You can dress casual or dressy it is up to you.  Please let us know what you will be wearing.  Avoid any sports related clothing, shorts or workout gear.

This feeling is so normal!  More than half our clients don't like the way they look in pictures.  Rest assured you will be directed in the most flattering positions and you will look amazing in your images!

We specialize in heirloom wall portraits and leather books. Prints start at $100 for an 8x10 folio. Many choose our monthly payment plans to make it easier to get what they want. There is a $200 minimum order required.

We can make all body parts bigger or smaller.  We can touch up roots and fill in hair.  Smooth out fine lines, wrinkles and any problem areas.  These are our standard edits.  We will try to accommodate any other requests.

This is a common theme for guys.  We get it.  We make it quick and fun, which makes the process so much easier. 

After you book you can schedule a fitting appointment on a separate day before your photoshoot.  That way you can see if we have anything you want to borrow for your shoot.  We have clothing from newborn to adult and from slender to curvy.

Our appointment times are only during the week and only during the day.  Our clients treat this like any other professional appointment like a dentist, attorney, etc and book accordingly.

We have a private studio location in Huntsville, AL.  We are located in Main Street South off of Memorial Parkway.  

Due to the limited nature of our schedule there are no refunds on photo shoots. 

When it comes to taking pictures, most people feel overwhelmed. Bookout Studios expertly guides you through the whole process. We worry about the details and you get to sit back and really enjoy your pictures.

what makes bookout studios so different?


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what makes bookout studios so different?

Your photographer is Heather Bookout.  She has trained hundreds of photographers from all across the United States.  Her work has been featured in Better Photography - an international photography magazine.  She has been in business for 15 years and as a mother herself she knows how important it is to get amazing portraits of your children.   She is certified and trained by  Mario Dedivanovic in the same make-up techniques that he uses on Kim Kardashian.

Heather is down-to-earth and encouraging and people love being around her uplifting spirit.  She and her team create the perfect atmosphere for the best possible images of you and your children.  If she needs to be a little silly or soft & soothing she is dedicated in bringing out the best in your children.

A lot of women put off getting pictures made because they want to loose some weight.  We will make you look your best with expert posing and editing techniques so you look amazing!  You don't have to put it off any longer. 

This whole experience is amazing and you will feel so good when you see your beautiful images hanging in your home. 

When it comes to taking pictures, most people feel overwhelmed. Bookout Studios expertly guides you through the whole process. We worry about the details and you get to sit back and really enjoy your pictures.

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"She did my hair and make-up, making me feel like a celebrity. She's got such an eye for detail and what will look great in photos."

-Brittany Martinez

"Heather is a gifted artist and photographer. Our last "stress free" session was exactly - I mean exactly- that. I was stunned by the results. Having my photo made has always made me a little nervous but she put us all at ease. Even with three little boys it was a relaxed session."

-Louise carter

what is my investment?

How long have you been wanting to get amazing pictures made? How many times have you wondered how to go about it all? How many times have you wished there was a fairy godmother that could just take care of everything? We can be your very own fairy godmother and you will get the beautiful pictures you have been wanting for years.

** Have questions?
Call us at 256-881-3151.


session fee


Hair and Make-up for One Person
Family photoshoot inside the studio
Immediate Order Appointment following your photoshoot

*$150 due at time of booking
**Minimum Order of $200 due at order appointment


Our promises

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You will LOVE the way you look in our pictures or we will give you a full refund. 

You will feel confident and uplifted throughout the entire process.

You will feel beautiful and every time you look at the pictures you will feel empowered.

We will never post your images on the internet without your written consent.

Amazing Experience from start to finish

"This was an amazing experience from start to finish! I am beyond thankful for Heather and her team. I can't remember the last time I felt so pampered and special. Attention to detail during hair and makeup amazed me. I enjoyed the makeup tips Heather provided and can't wait to use them on myself.   

I have been very hesitant to book family pictures due to worrying about what we would wear, how the kids would act etc. I finally decided to book with who I heard was the very best and needless to say, she did not disappoint. The amount of pressure Heather and her team relieved from me is something I can't put a price on. 

I almost cried after the photo shoot at the thought of how well my kids reacted to Heather. She has the magic touch with children for sure. I would highly encourage all of you moms out there to check out Bookout Studios for your future photo needs. You will walk away with pictures you couldn't have dreamed of." 

-Lauren downy

-Lauren Downey


"The stress of capturing the elusive family portrait was alleviated by Heather and her excellent staff. They tended to my every need even helping me herd my three year old while styling my hair and make-up.

We enjoyed custom sets that incorporated all my ideas and finished the session with a custom smash cake set for our 1 year old. Heather and her team can work miracles with less than cooperative children."

Amy Blankenship

Worth every
single penny

I'm absolutely in love Heather and her crew at Bookout Studios!!! If you are looking for a photographer in Huntsville or anywhere nearby (I would drive a good while just to use her), go with Bookout Studios. Worth every single penny. She's amazing with children. 

She did my hair and makeup, making me feel like a celebrity. She's got such an eye for detail and what will look great in photos! My only regret is my son is already 8 months and I wish I had used her for our newborn and maternity pictures. 

If you're skeptical, take a look at her work. Thank you Heather Bookout for making our first family picture day a dream come true!!!!

Brittany Martinez

Just do it

"I felt relaxed during hair and make-up despite the anxiety I had before coming and might even say that I felt glamorous. I also really enjoyed talking with Heather.

I liked the photoshoot knowing that I was recording some memories with the kids that we all could enjoy for future years. Heather was awesome with the kids, getting them to focus, have fun and laugh.

If you are considering getting pictures done with Bookout Studios just do it!! You won't regret it."


full of Laughter
and Encouragement

"When getting pictures made at Bookout Studios I most enjoyed the process of moving from discussing the design and goals of the various shoots through make-up and hair, helping to bring that vision to life. Everything culminating in the final shoots which were full of laughter and encouragement make the whole experience memorable in such a splendid way.

Every time I look at my pictures on the walls or on my desk at work, I think, "Dang, we clean up really nicely !" I always smile looking at them, and I feel a sense of pride in what they depict."

Mandy Todd

Tears of joy

"My favorite time was the make up time before my family arrived. It was a time to get the chance to relax laugh and be pampered. I tend to be pretty stiff infront of the camera because of being plus size. Heather and her team made me feel comfortable and beautiful. It was an enjoyable experience from the excitement during the planning consultation all the way to the tears of joy when I saw the images during ordering.

I have a large canvas wrap of my boys hanging over my fireplace. I look at it everyday and think how Heather not only gave me beautiful art but she captured my boys personalities. Our family pictures are hanging in my foyer and they make me feel so proud when people come into my home. I am so thankful for investing in this gift to myself because these are moments that are captured in time now and I cherish them."

Mary Ellen Pollard

I'm always excited and impressed with the process

"Heather Bookout has been our go to family photographer for years. She's been capturing beautiful moments of my little since she was 4 so I did not hesitate selecting her again to capture the final months of her single digit years both with me and her grandmother. Heather began her magic during hair and make-up.

I have experienced this transformation several times already but I am always excited and impressed with the process. My little one felt like a little model. The real heartwarming part of this particular shoot however is the way she made grandma feel. Grandma being a newbie to the Bookout experience was made to feel comfortable from the moment she walked in the studio. She also looked breathtaking when she walked out.  

Heather and her team virtually hand walk you through the process to ensure you get the best images possible. From hair and make-up to wardrobe and set to poses and props they do it all. They are genuinely one stop shopping for couture artistic photography. I couldn't recommend a more talented photographer to capture those important milestones for your family. You are in good hands."

Elisabeth mason