Bookout  Studios

Senior portrait model program

We are currently accepting applications to be a part of the
 Class of 2020 Senior Model Team
to represent our studio.

Each model will have their very own
 Bookout Studios Senior Model Portrait Experience

Session fee is $250 instead of our regular price of $300.  

  A framed 8x10 portrait with image of your choice. ($660 value)

Your image will be featured on our Gallery Wall at Parkway Place! You will be famous in a small town. 

You will be featured on our website, marketing pieces and social media. You will be one of the faces of Bookout Studios. 

Each model participant will be asked to pay for their senior shoot at the special price of $250 and they will be required to purchase an additional $660 minimum order on their portraits.

Why apply to be a senior model? 
 here are the perks:

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 Photo Shoot 
Full Hair and Makeup
3 Different Looks
2 Studio looks and 1 Outside 
Access to our Closet for Wardrobe options. 

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model perk #2

joyful tears

"I have to tell you that there really are no words to adequately explain what it feels like to see your daughter become transformed through Heather's photography. 

Nothing will prepare you for the emotions that you feel when you see the final pictures. 

16 years of life flashed before our eyes and left us speechless and in joyful tears. Heather has a gift that will leave us with priceless memories of this great time in her life." 

Cindy Stanley

pure magic

"During hair and makeup, I felt like an absolute star! It was so much fun! I already love getting my hair and make up done and I so enjoyed watching them transform me into a beauty queen! And they did an AMAZING job!

My senior shoot was everything I thought it would be and then some. It was pure magic and I felt supermodel-esque the entire time! It was so much fun and Heather was great with positioning and directions. The scenery and props were absolutely stunning and they perfectly captured a view of my dream come true. 

This photo shoot and Bookout Studios truly made me realize not only how beautiful I was on the outside, but also the importance of beauty on the inside. And I cannot thank them enough for that."

class of 2016
kristina thoenes

happy energy

"When I first came to my senior photoshoot I was a little apprehensive about the pictures. I didn't know if the pictures and my look could really match what I had pictured in my mind. 

After describing my thoughts they immediately got to pampering and made me feel like a queen. While being pampered, I received tips and tricks for my makeup that were extremely helpful! 

There was never a time where I felt uncomfortable or weird, I was always directed on what to do! There was nothing but positive happy energy and I would recommend this experience for anyone! " 

class of 2016

postive vibes

"Getting my hair and make-up done by the Bookout team is so much fun. They make me feel like a runway model. They are always making me laugh in the process. I feel like a princess.

What I liked about my senior photoshoot is that Heather will do anything in her power to make sure you are comfortable and all your insecurities are gone. Anything I asked for I got. She is so kind and welcoming that you feel so great taking pictures with her. 

And her team is so much fun to work with as well. Before I had some insecurities but Heather really strived to help me with them and I feel like a more beautiful me and I couldn't be happier. She is so awesome. She gives off such positive vibes and taking pictures and seeing the outcome raised my self esteem so much. I loved this experience." 

class of 2016

loved every moment

"I absolutely loved my senior session! 

I felt like a real model when getting my hair and make-up done, and I especially loved getting to do a Blair Waldorf inspired session, but I loved every moment of my photoshoots with Heather. 

I felt truly beautiful after getting my photos done by Heather." 

class of 2016

dream come true

"My experience with Bookout Studios was like a dream come true! During my hair and make-up I felt like a movie star and during my senior photo-shoot I felt like a princess. 

I love that Heather incorporated everything that I wanted into my pictures and went above and beyond to make my session extra special and to make me feel comfortable. The overall experience was so much fun and it is definitely something that I will never forget!" 

class of 2016

i will never forget

"During hair and makeup, Heather made me feel completely comfortable and made sure that everything that was going on was what I wanted and was comfortable with. When the hair and makeup was done I felt absolutely beautiful. they laughed and joked around with my mother and I the whole time making it feel like we had known each other forever. 

The senior photoshoot was so much fun! I was guided into the best positions for my body and Heather really made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. I was shown a few of the pictures during the shoot and I couldn't believe my eyes. The way both my ideas and hers blended made me feel beautiful and I knew I was being listened to. 

This experience has made me realize that I actually am beautiful. Looking at myself in the mirror has even changed. I see myself as a decently pretty and confident girl and after the shoot I feel even more beautiful and confident. 

Thank you guys so much for such an amazing experience I will never forget!"

Class of 2016

once in a lifetime

"I enjoyed having my hair and make up done by Heather and her lovely crew. I put all the trust in the world into them and as always, my photos turn out amazing. There is never a dull moment around these kind hearted souls.

I loved that Heather really focused on the aspects of the senior photoshoot that were most important to me. Every pose and tilt of head left me with breathtaking photos. She can truly work miracles! Most importantly though, I had fun. Being around Heather and her crew always brings laughter and a smile to my face!

This experience is a once in a life time feeling. My confidence sky rocketed and I became aware that it is okay to feel beautiful in your own skin. I am truly thankful to have met such glowing people and to have had such a wonderful opportunity!" 

class of 2016

felt like a model

"During hair and makeup, I felt amazing! It was so awesome to see the different looks that you guys were able to create. I felt truly beautiful, and I loved how each look complimented me perfectly.

I truly felt like a princess during my senior photoshoot! Each individual set and shot catered to what I wanted and what ultimately made the best pictures possible. I felt so at ease, so comfortable, and y'all made me feel like I was a model! 

I definitely feel as though this experience has shaped my confidence and self-image. I was able to see myself in a new, different way that boosted my self esteem so much. God created me as a masterpiece, and being able to see just a fraction of what God sees in me was incredible.

I love y'all and thank you for this experience!" 

class of 2016

artistic magic

"As a mother our little girls are always our princesses. Heather brings that to life. 

 I loved the consultation where she pulls out of you and your daughter exactly what you are looking for. She then takes her artistic magic and makes it come to life. 

I Loved the whole experience and end products are AMAZING!!!!"
-Angela Brooks

"My favorite thing about my experience was that I got to make it exactly how I wanted it!! Heather was so great about making what I wanted come to life!! 

The sets she made to match my outfits were absolutely amazing!!!! She was so fun and enjoyable to be around the entire time, and the pictures turned out incredible!!! 

I could not have asked for a better senior photoshoot experience!
- Clarissa Brooks

ANGELA BROOKS - Mom of a senior
Clarissa Brooks - Class of 2017

should be felt by every girl

 I have always struggled with the idea that I was pretty. People tell me that but, my insecurity generally wins over. However on this occasion Heather's professionalism and reassuring persona collided to make the most memorable set of pictures based on me.

 The overall beauty I gained through this process should be felt by every girl. I continue to draw strength from it when I need a pick me up.

class of 2017

I felt like a princess

"My favorite thing about my senior pictures this year was that I knew that no matter what, Heather was going to make sure they were beautiful and that I liked them. 

The atmosphere of the whole experience was so comfortable and fun! She made me feel like a princess, and it's something I will never forget." 
- Maddie McDavid
senior class of 2017

I love having photos of my daughter that are not your typical senior portraits. Heather was able to capture Maddie’s style and fun personality. 

 And while I will always treasure the photos themselves, the whole photo shoot experience made the day unforgettable. We not only came away with beautiful images, but with a shared experience that was the perfect beginning to her senior year.
- Hallie mcdavid
senior mom

 CLASS OF 2017

loved every second

"Having senior pictures made isn't just about the final product, it's also about the experience. I loved every second of my custom senior photoshoot with Bookout Studios! 

Heather and Lyndsi made me feel special from the moment I walked in the door. They listened to my ideas and created unique sets that were beyond what I imagined. I felt beautiful and confident after having my hair and makeup professionally done. 

Heather has a gift of making you feel at ease and like you've known her forever. It's a day I will never forget and I love every single picture! The Bookout Studios experience is amazing and so much fun!"

Karlee Neal
 CLASS OF 2017

a magical experience

"I was a little bit nervous going into a new experience like this, but Heather made me feel so comfortable! It was so much fun getting my hair and make-up done and traveling to different locations to get a perfect collection of pictures. 

 She really listened to my ideas and made them into something even better than I could have imagined. I’m not normally someone who likes pictures of myself, but I fell in love with every single picture Heather took.  They are so unique and beautiful, and that’s how this experience made me feel, too!"
- Gracie Bennett

"Heather truly made Gracie’s senior pictures a magical experience. We laughed so much and just had so much fun. 

 Heather has amazing vision and talent and she was able to capture Gracie in a lovely and honest way. The photos are a perfect expression of who she is at this moment in time. 

I can’t even express how grateful I am to have these beautiful photos of my beautiful girl. I will cherish the photos and the memory."
- Teresa Bennett  

Gracie Bennett - CLASS OF 2017
Teresa Bennett - MOM

she finally believes she is beautiful

I have always told Karlee that she is beautiful, and after spending the day at Bookout Studios she finally believes it too. 

It was a fabulous and memorable girls' day full of makeup, hair, beautiful clothes, and lots of laughs. 

Heather Bookout is amazingly talented! She turned Karlee's concepts into a stunning photo shoot worthy of a spread in a high fashion magazine. 

Karlee gained confidence and I received gorgeous images of this special moment in her life that I will cherish forever.

Hallie Neal - MOM of Senior

they took care of everything

"We had a wonderful experience with Heather & Lyndsi! It was great to have absolutely no worries prior to or during the shoot—they took care of everything. 

 Heather did such a fantastic job getting the hair and make-up just right for my daughter’s personality. The whole session was relaxed and fun. The photos really capture my daughter’s personality and beauty; we will treasure them forever". -Julie Cook

"Working with heather was so much fun. She helped me get the pictures I wanted by making my hair and makeup perfect, and making me laugh during the session.

 At first I was nervous for the session, not knowing how everything was going to play out, but heather is super nice and makes it really fun. I couldn't have asked for a better experience." - Laura Cook

Julie Cook - mom of senior
Laura Cook- Class of 2017

This experience can not be duplicated at any other place

"It is really true that a picture paints a thousand words and from my experience, watching my daughters face as we viewed her senior pictures, I truly believe that a picture paints a thousand emotions as well. 

For a girl, senior pictures are extremely important, a milestone of sorts, and having a wonderful experience and final product is very emotional. I can honestly say that the experience with Heather and Bookout Studios was outstanding. 

In Heather's bio, she states that she was not professionally trained and that her craft came out of her daydreaming and wanting to make the experience at Bookout a wonderful experience. From the first meeting with Heather, she conveyed her emotional feelings about her craft and wanting to make her clients feel special, beautiful and happy with their photos. This is not like your other photography studios. Heather and her staff are dedicated to making sure that they take care of everything needed in order to make their clients feel so special. 

They make the experience a very personal one. The look on my daughters face as we saw the pictures and her excitement of wanting to share them with her friends made me so happy and excited for her. This is a photo shoot that she was extremely proud of and that is worth so much more than words and money. 

This experience is one that will warm my heart for such a long time. I would recommend Heather Bookout for any pictures that you want to capture a special time in your family's life. This is such a wonderful studio and I know it can't be duplicated at any other place.
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Cyndi Torres - mom of senior