We take care of the clothing, will touch up your Hair and apply age appropriate makeup, and we make sure your kids have a magical time!  You end up with many breathtaking portraits to choose from. 

(Includes everyone in your immediate family)
plus a $200 minimum print order Due at order appointment a week after your shoot

pictures with a "real" unicorN
on an indoor "enchAnted forest" 




"I will no longer think "Disney" when I hear the word "magic". I will think: Heather Bookout! The Unicorn Photo Experience is the essence of dreams. Mrs. Bookout's immense creativity, coupled with her amazing attention to detail, culminated in what was, in my opinion, her most successful creation to date. Pure perfection."

Jennifer barksdale


Do you have clothing we can borrow?

I have more than one child.  does the fee cover more than one?

What are your prices?

Is this for adults?

How old does a child need to be?

Yes, we have princess gowns and knight outfits for babies to adults in a wide variety of sizes. 

Yes, it includes every child in your immediate family.  If you have more than 5 people being photographed please call the studio at 256-881-3151 so we can make special arrangements for you.

The session fee is $150 which is due when booking with a $200 minimum print order due at your order appointment about a week after your shoot.. Prints start at $100 for a 5x7. Many choose our monthly payment plans to make it easier to get what the package they want. 

This set is best for a child under 12.  The Unicorn is a pony size in stature.  You are more than welcome to be photographed with your children. We will do several images without the unicorn for every client.

If they are being photographed by themselves, they need to be able to sit up on their own (or held in the photos). We can place them in chairs around the unicorn.  If they are being held by another person they can be newborns. 

click here for our price list

Do you do our hair & makeup?

We will touch up your hair and make-up. Please come with your hair pre-curled and we will apply foundation, eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss.  If you want a more elaborate look come with your make-up done. 

"I wanted a special mother/daughter day for my daughter, Liza Kate and I. She has a love of unicorns and princesses that is unmatched, so I knew this would be a beautiful experience. Heather and her staff did not disappoint. It was absolutely fabulous and magical in every way. Each detail was thought out and wonderfully executed to perfection to make for stunning images. Our Liza Kate was in awe from the beginning and at every turn; I do not even think she realized she was having her picture taken! Having pictures created with Bookout Studios is so much more than having photos made, it is an experience that created lifetime memories for us … we just happen to also get great photos out of it too! We cannot recommend Bookout Studios enough!! Amazing!"

Jana Lovelace

"I loved the team at Bookout Studios. Heather is the kid whisperer! My 3 year old usually hides from the camera, but she got amazing pictures of him. I am so happy with how smooth things went at the photo shoot, and how well my son took to Heather! I would highly recommend this studio!

Amy Greene

"I surprised my girls with a road trip from Nashville to Huntsville to meet and get their pictures taken with a “real” unicorn. Heather and her team pulled out all the stops to make them feel special. From the moment we arrived, we were whisked back to their dressing room where gorgeous gowns made them look and feel like princesses for the day. They received a letter from the Royal Kingdom with a magical key to unlock the gate to the Enchanted Forest to search for the Royal Unicorn that had gone missing. This adventure was their favorite part and they barely noticed that they were having professional photographs taken. The result was an amazing experience for my daughters and incredible portraits of my girls that I will cherish for years to come. Thank you to Heather and the Bookout Studios team for making this experience so memorable! " 

Ashley Estonez-Baker

Heather and the Bookout team were professional and put my daughter at ease. The results were amazing. I wanted to boost my teen's self confidence and this experience was a tremendous success. She never felt more beautiful!!

Ann Bignault

I had such a wonderful experience. Its so worth it! You get so much more than photos.

melissa webster

The saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is a complete understatement when you complete a photo session with Bookout Studios. The professionalism, patience, attention to detail and Heather's gifted talent made our experience amazing - bar none. Thank you, Heather, for the timeless pictures!

Camillia Stanley

"I can't say enough good things about Heather and her team! I have wanted Mommy & Me pictures of my daughter and I for a while now, and these are far above what I imagined. I usually dread seeing pictures of myself, but Heather outdid herself on these. I love each one of our pictures so much and can't wait to display them in my house and have these special memories for years to come." 

Katelyn Mcgough

Our promises

You will LOVE Your pictures or we will give you a full refund. 


OUR IMAGES ARE HEIRLOOM QUALITY and Lifetime guaranteed.