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Heather is the heartwarming spirit behind Oak & Fable Photography. Her love for capturing real moments started when her grandma and aunt took photos of her. Those pictures made her feel so loved and now she wants to make you feel that way too. Your moments are in the best hands with Heather!

Heather is a fantastic mom to two awesome girls who mean the world to her. She loves spending time with them and making memories that they'll treasure forever.

In everything she does, Heather thinks it's super important that everyone feels really special and seen. She thinks pictures are like magic because they show how awesome you are. Heather believes that pictures help you feel good about yourself and build confidence.

Heather Lucas

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We do more than just take pictures – you become part of the family! We're kind, friendly, and we want you to feel happy and comfortable while we take pictures. That's how we create real and warm pictures that show how wonderful you are.

Personal Connection


Our pictures are more than just pictures – they're like little heart treasures. They don't just stay for today; they're meant to stay with you and your family, making your hearts smile for a long, long time.

Heartwarming memories


At Oak & Fable, we do more than just take pictures. We make amazing adventures with our special designs, unique things, and super creative ideas. It's like going to a magical world where your story becomes the most important thing.

Immersive creativity


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With lots of years doing this and always wanting to learn more, we stay really good at what we do. We love thinking up new and exciting things for pictures, like making original scenes. This means when you're with us at Oak & Fable, you're in the best hands, and we promise your time with us will be super, super special.

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For more than 20 years, we've been known as Bookout Studios, capturing special moments and telling stories through photos. Life has brought some changes our way, and now we're stepping into a new adventure with a fresh name: Oak & Fable Photography.

Why the change? Well, life has its ups and downs, and we're embracing these changes with excitement and a positive attitude. Our dedication to giving you great service and capturing your stories is as strong as ever.

As Oak & Fable, we're super excited to keep bringing our creative, warm, and dedicated approach to photography. We're even coming up with new ideas and sets to make your photo experience even better.

Thanks for being part of our journey. We can't wait to capture more amazing memories as Oak & Fable Photography. Keep an eye out for all the awesome things we'll do together! 

Introducing Oak & Fable Photography
Same Heart, New Name